Signed books by myself

Welcome to a very self absorbed bookstore. It only sells books that were not only written by myself, but also hand signed by myself.  

I love everything about making books, writing them, photographing them and seeing other people reading and interacting with them. It has helped that I have had the privilege to write books only about subjects I care deeply about.

Many of you contact us at Fäviken to buy signed copies of these books. This is incredibly nice and humbling, but also a bit difficult at times as we are a small restaurant not equipped to deal with large volumes of books coming and going from and too all parts of the world. Rather than writing/emailing/telefaxing/calling the restaurant to have us send them to you, or sending us copies to be signed and returned, a process most often very slow and expensive. We thought that the solution below would be better for everyone involved. A dedicated bookshop with proper distribution! All books here are signed by me and will ship internationally.