Q: Is it possible to get a personal dedication in the books sold through here?

A: Unfortunately not at this moment. To make it possible to send these books all across the world in an efficient way, the distribution is handled by my publisher and the books ship directly from their warehouse. I go there about once a year to sign books which are then kept in stock.


Q: Is it possible to send a request to Fäviken for a book with a personal dedication?

A: No, not any more. Even though I am really grateful that so many people want me to write in their books, the main reason why we decided to set this system up, is that we are a restaurant (and a really small one too) and do not have the manpower or infrastructure to receive and send books in a time and cost efficient way. 


Q: How can I get a personal dedication in my book then?

A: The best way right now is to come to any of the events for the upcoming launch tour for the Nordic Baking Book. Alternatively bring your book if you are planning to come to Fäviken for dinner. I am not there every night but most, if I happen to not be there on that particular day I promise that you can leave it with us and I will send it back to you when I have had time to write in it.


Q: Can I buy other language editions of your books through this web shop?

A: Unfortunately at the moment I can only offer the English language versions. I am working on solution for this and will list other languages as soon as possible.