Touring with the Nordic Baking Book

To celebrate the launch of the Nordic Baking Book I will be travelling during October and November this year. Hope to see you at any of the events mentioned below.



3 November, 6pm 
Lecture, book signing + cocktail party featuring Chefs Lee Wolen, Meg Galus, and Alexander Roman
Where: Somerset Restaurant at the Viceroy Hotel
4 November, 11.30am 
Fika + book signing 
Where: American Swedish Insitute 
4 November, 3.30pm
Talk + book signing
Where: American Swedish Institutue
6 November, 6.30pm
Talk, reception + book signing
Where: George Brown College
New York
8 November, 7.00pm
Talk + book signing
Where: Scandinavia House
9 November
Cocktail party featuring Chef Matt Dillon + book signing
Where: Nordic Museum
10 November, 6.00pm
Talk + book signing
Where: Nordic Museum
San Francisco
12 November, 7.00pm
Conversation with Adam Sachs, reception + book signing
Where: The Jewish Community Center of San Francisco 
Los Angeles
14 November, 7:30pm
Book signing
Where: Now Serving, 727 N. Broadway, Unit 133
15 November, 6.30am-4pm
A whole day at Sqirl + book signing
Jessica and I will be making a menu and cooking together from breakfast until Sqirl closes. As a bonus that none of you should miss, Petrus Jacobsson of Petrus bakery in Stockholm will travel to LA with me and add his baking skills to the mix. He makes the cardamom buns to rule all other cardamom buns.
Where: Sqirl
Tickets: Nope, just line up.